The basic need that probably unites all human beings, is the need for a satisfactory and peaceful existence. It seems to be our most fundamental stimulus that consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously underlies most of our activities.

Being able to achieve happiness or peace of mind, especially two things seem to be required: Firstly, we must understand what constitutes happiness or peace of mind and secondly, we must be able to approach this state of existence with the appropriate means.

If philosophy shall contribute something to a satisfactory and peaceful living, it consequently has to be oriented towards the question of happiness or peace of mind. If philosophy shall have an effect, then it also has to deal with the means that lead to this essential target.

Online Philosophy provides you valuable resources that might help you to think about happiness or peace of mind, to get ideas what it could be and to identify ways and means to work towards it. Thus you find texts, tubes and book recommendations of people who were thoroughly dealing with this subject.

Reading books and texts from philosophers and listening to tubes form writers and psychotherapists, who deeply thought about the problems of our existence, allows you to learn directly from the wisest. There are thousands of philosophers, writers and psychotherapists out there, so it is important to make a selection.

The best teachers are human beings who pursued the existential questions of life as a personal quest and not primary to earn money. As with art it is with philosophy: If you want to create a masterpiece with the aim to earn money, you cannot concentrate. Following the existential quest myself, I offer you a selection.

Heartfelt thanks

To all philosophers, psychotherapists and artists who worked on themselves and who shared their achievements. To all photographers who created outstanding images and shared them for free re-use. To all human beings who uploaded inspiring videos and texts for free re-use. To all programmers who worked hard on great operating systems, CMS and tools and shared them as open source.